Make-up for a glamour summer – eyelashes & hot lipstick

For this summer I will try to be more creative when I do my make-up, it is true that for me it means some more effort. Why? Because without my glasses I am kind of lost and all make-up techniques seem to be useless. I have my tips to create a decent make-up, but I don’t reveal them yet.
Because now I am officially a make-up artist ( yuppi!), of course I am a beginner, I will propose you my first make-up with individual lashes applied with a lot of difficulty….but in the end I succeeded. I liked very much the Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin foundation, shade Ivory, you can see in the picture below. in the middle, I am wearing only this foundation and I like the mat and flawless effect. Third picture is with some loose powder from Bourjois, soft blush from Bourjois again – Rose d’Or and for the eyes the l’Oreal Paris mascara Volume Million So Couture made an extraordinary effect.

I did a very soft contouring using a bronzer blush from Avon.

The wow effect came at the end – the lipstick l’Extraordinaire by Colour Riche, l’Oreal Paris, and the Melkior individual eyelashes, I applied only 2 pieces for each eye, on the exterior eye corner. I am wearing glasses and I cannot apply on all lashes line, they will look too exaggerate. In fact, I advise all of you wearing glasses – glasses who are increasing the image of your eyes – not to wear eye lashes for all the lashes line…except those moments when you really want to look very dramatic.

The products used in this make-up:
– foundation: Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin , shade Ivory
– loose powder Bourjois, Peach shade
– blush Bourjois Rose d’Or
– bronzer Avon
– for eyebrows I used Anastasia Beverly Hills powder for blond shades
– eye shadow from MAC Spiced Metal
– eye kohl  Lancome, brown
– lip contour liner Lancome, red
– lipstick l’Extraordinaire Colour Riche l’Oreal Paris
– mascara Vollume Million So Couture